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Mobile Video Surveillance

Video surveillance service for fleets, public and private transportation.

Vialterna’s Mobile Video Surveillance is a managed IP video surveillance service that allows you to visualize what is happening in public and private transportation vehicles via local recording or remote real-time video transmission over the Internet.

Videovigilancia Móvil

Display on any device

Mobile video surveillance is an advantage in the control and security of cargo vehicles, transport, delivery fleets, among others; collecting real-time images of events as well as obtaining the benefit of satellite geo-location of the units.

It allows to show live unit coverage from anywhere in the world and with the ease of viewing it on any mobile device, whether smartphone sor tablet.

Service integrates a cloud platform for real-time service management.

Vialterna provides a managed IP video surveillance service that allows you to monitor transport vehicles remotely via the Internet in real time and make recordings, allowing permanent monitoring through our cloud platform.

This service consists of the installation of cameras and DVRs connected to our mobile internet solution.
A mobile video surveillance equipment is a very effective deterrent system, as it exposes that the vehicle is being monitored and tracked.

Safety for all your vehicles

A mobile video surveillance system basically consists of a digital recorder, hard disk or cloud storage device to store the information, the means by which we capture the images from the cameras and finally the method of sending the information to the Internet, which can be different options multicarrier connection.

Record in real time

Video surveillance service for fleets, public and private transportation with local recording or real-time video transmission.

Panic button

Panic button for alerting and notifying authorities and the monitoring center

Security for your staff
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Service with nationwide coverage. No extra charge.

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