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Vialterna’s eCRM is an automated customer service platform.

It manages the sales cycle process and the categorization of customers belonging to companies.

It is a cloud platform that allows all forms of management of the company’s relationships with its customers.



eCRM for conversational sales

Increase sales through chat

Who doesn’t want to sell more? The eCRM service automates many of the customer service activities using multiple communication channels.

From a bot that responds 24 hours a day to customers who have sent messages to a system that keeps all the information of customer interactions, to exploit them by offering better service and highlighting potential opportunities.

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Transform your conversations into sales

The eCRM Digital Pipeline automates lead tracking and nurturing sequences, sending emails and text messages, chatting with prospects automatically, sets tasks for sales reps and even displays targeted digital ads.

Conversational sales

Integration with social media

A perfect solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Increase company sales with messaging applications.

Increase sales from chat. (WhatsApp, messenger, skype, telegram, instagram and msm). 

This is a conversational sales eCRM platform.

Messaging powered eCRM to sell more effectively.

Get messaging leads and respond effectively.

Sales funnel provides a bird’s eye view of the entire sales process. Identify the progress of each prospect.

Mobile eCRM gives you the freedom to move around, keeping you constantly connected and ready to win sales.

Implementation within

12 hours

Service with nationwide coverage. No extra charge.

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