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The internet of things describes the network of physical objects (things) that have embedded sensors, software and other technologies in order to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.

These devices range from everyday household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.

Soluciones IoT


Automate and control
your company remotely

Vialterna’s IoT allows automating business and manufacturing processes, remotely monitoring and controlling operations, optimizing supply chains and preserving resources.

This service integrates a cloud platform for service management. It allows for alert generation and real time management.

IoT is a technology used in various areas such as the automotive industry, logistics, food, security, medicine, business applications and productivity tools.

Wide variety of sensors

Avoid high costs and automate processes

Telemetry service that creates physical objects (things) connectivity by installing a wide variety of wireless sensors, software and other technologies in order to remotely measure, connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

Vialterna’s IoT helps to avoid unscheduled line stoppages in the industry, allows to have preventive and predictive maintenance programs, which avoids high costs due to line stoppages during the manufacturing and production process.

Relevant and real-time information of physical variables from any site that needs to be monitored.

Alarms, notifications and reports are available.


3 familias de sensores (energía, ambientales y de movimiento)

Más de 50 variables de sensores

Batería con duración de 3+ años

Equipos con rango de 365 metros en espacios abiertos

Rápida configuración (10-15 minutos)

Contamos con 2 modelos de gateways (Ethernet y celular)

Sistemas inalámbricos, no se invade la red del cliente

3 families of sensors (energy, environmental and motion)

Over 50 sensor variables

3+ years battery life

Equipment range of 365 meters in open spaces

Fast configuration (10-15 minutes)

We have 2 gateway models (Ethernet and cellular).

Wireless systems, no encroachment on the customer’s network

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Implementation within

12 hours

Service with nationwide coverage. No extra charge.

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