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GPS Management and
Unit Monitoring + IoT

Allows companies to monitor, analyze, measure and control vehicle usage through GPS telemetry. It includes maintenance notifications, performance reports and resource management.

The service integrates a cloud-based platform for service management that allows the generation of alerts and the possibility of managing them in real time.

GPS Management and Monitoring of Units + IoT

Unit Registration, Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time information about the location and use of your vehicles and equipment by adding IoT functionality.

Records and monitors asset variables (Telemetry).

Monitors compliance with assigned routes and times.

Allows the creation of event reports and measurements for analysis.

Real-time management and monitoring of vehicles.

Allows for real time location of units.

Configure alerts for inappropriate use and maintenance plans.

Monitors the use and enforcement of vehicle use policies.

Reduces operating expenses and increases productivity

Implementation within

12 hours

Service with nationwide coverage. No extra charge.

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